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I Believe in Angels Two

by Robert Bridges

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a hot, lazy day with very little shade except right in front of a little bed of blue and yellow columbines. i sat down and watched. water was falling from a sprinkler - i sat waiting to be recognized by the flowers and for one or more of them to show them selves to me. these two did - like angels of light they danced in the light and quivered in the rain. i have been exploring and photography the world of flowers and learning to see close-up floral still life images for a very long time. it's a skll and a practice and now and then art breaks through in unexpected ways. i work in colour digital photography. i believe my work is contemporary and falls into the category of fine art. fine art color photography. when i work i seek to reach beyond the handshake and develop a contemplative relationship with the flowers gracious enough to reveal themselves to my macro lens and my receptive heart. this is an in-camera 2 frame multiple exposure and it had another surprize for me when i crafted it using photoshop - it showed me a new technique i had not tried before and now it has become a well used tool for many of my images.  

Flora & Fauna - Colour

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I Believe in Angels Two